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At Organon, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll find an open, fluid and collaborative space where curiosity is rewarded and new ideas can flourish. At the same time, you’ll enjoy the foundation and scale of an S&P 500 company with more than 60 established medicines and other products and a presence in more than 140 markets. However, it’s our people, a community of thousands, who really bring our culture to life. These are authentic, passionate team players, who readily embrace change and the opportunities for progress it brings. They are inspired by the idea that women’s health is critical to achieving a healthier world, and are investing their talents and careers to make a difference. 

Embracing our differences for a collective strength

When we say “Better health every day, for every woman,” we mean every unique and extraordinary woman. Diversity is not only forming the backbone of our business model, but it’s at the heart of all that we do. It makes us who we are. As such, we naturally place a high value on the different perspectives, insights, and the richness it brings to our culture and our thinking. For us, diversity is not so much a choice, rather an appreciation.  
Sure, the inclusion of people from different backgrounds feels good, but it also does good. Consider the diversity of patients across the hundreds of markets we serve, and the variety of everyday conditions they use our products to treat. We understand how this is fundamental to our success and integral to future innovation. This means actively redressing inequality and biases wherever we find them. As a forward-thinking women’s health company, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

People leading the way at Organon

Our leadership team is dedicated to providing their teams with the access,
resources, and opportunities needed to be successful.
Ana Paula Pacheco Manoel
"If family and being with loved ones is as important to you as being a successful professional, Organon is the right place for you! This company allows me to have one of the things I value most: quality of life. I feel like a fulfilled woman as a mother, as a wife, and as a professional."
Ana Paula Pacheco Manoel , Director of Quality Assurance IT
"There is nothing like creating something from scratch and focusing on solving important challenges to bring out the best of your energy and creativity. Joining Organon is a chance to have a lasting impact on the health of women, their families, their communities, and even their nations."
Michael Pergine, Head of Global Policy, Government Relations and ESG
"It’s exciting to be a part of shaping the company Organon will become. It keeps me moving for a better day for women every day. There is always something to learn. People on our teams have broad experience and are actively sharing their perspectives."
Dominique Mudde, Lead, Manufacturing Quality & Compliance
"I’m excited about the prospect of creating a new organization, one focused on women’s health and that has a vision of operating as a more empowered and integrated business. If you like a fast-paced environment where collaboration and connection to the business are valued and empowerment and simplification are encouraged, then Organon is for you!"
Lisa Zukauskas, Chief Procurement Officer & Lead Global Procurement & Supplier Management
"I believe in our vision; that by focusing on improving women’s health we have a unique opportunity to make a positive difference to people and communities across the globe. Our values empower us to be real, bring our fire, take owndership, ensure everyone belongs and collaborates—focused on rising together for the good of the people we support."
Nico Van Hoecke, Chief Commercial Officer

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