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a program for returning professionals

At Organon, we value all career paths and the experience of returning professionals.  We proudly embrace diversity, so everyone feels they belong.  If you are returning to the workforce after a two-year or more career break and are wishing to make a positive impact on women's health, come join next:  Relaunch with Organon!  Examples of a career break could include the following (but are not limited to): 
Starting or raising a family, caring for a family member, taking time after military service, a military spouse restarting a career, political office, entrepreneurial ventures, continuing education, managing physical and mental health, and more.  

If this sounds exciting to you, we welcome you.  You belong at Organon!

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What we offer

Lead, learn, and make a meaningful impact  

As a program participant, you will be hired full-time with benefits for a specific role, where you will be immersed in a concurrent 12-week program that is dedicated to help you transition into the workforce with confidence.  With next:  Relaunch with Organon, you can expect the following support to ensure success:  
Onboarding is a collaborative effort that involves everyone who touches the employee experience.  From the first impression with recruiting through the first 12-weeks of employment, our goal is to ensure you feel welcomed, are connected to our vision and values, and that you have the knowledge and tools you need to swiftly contribute your unique talents and strengths.  
All founders can learn and grow at Organon.  Diversifying your skills and experiences includes formal training which can be either internal or external programs, as well as self-guided and on-the-job learning.  Our programs are designed to deepen your subject matter expertise, sharpen your current knowledge and skills, or help you stay up-to-date with cutting-edge practices.  
At Organon, growing through relationships or social learning is a key component of development.  Interactions are important to building better connections.  Conversations help you learn about development topics, practice applying existing skills, and offer opportunities to new ones.  We learn when we talk to other people, ask questions, and share knowledge. 

We focus on three key areas to achieve our vision of creating a better and healthier every day for every woman

Prepared to Relaunch your career?  

Join us to restart your career, while making an impactful difference in
women's health

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Relaunch your career with confidence


As a candidate, it's important to be well-prepared for interviews to ensure success.  Interviews can be nerve-racking.  Whether its been a while since you've interviewed or whether you just interviewed yesterday, the thought of being interviewed can still make you feel nervous.  Remember that interviewing goes both ways.  You are interviewing us, as much as we are interviewing you.  The goal is to find a match!  These guides were created to help with some tips to put your best foot forward.   
Resume Tips
Interview Tips
Virtual  Tips
LinkedIn Tips

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Why Organon


The company's flexible work arrangements policy helps you integrate your work and life responsibilities, so you can take care of yourself, while reaching your personal and professional goals.


We are committed to providing you and your family with resources to help you manage your physical, emotional, and financial well-being.  Our total rewards philosophy provides you with benefits and competitive compensation, from day one, that enrich your health, well-being, and security.      


At Organon, your development is driven by you and supported by your manager.  Through on-the job training, formal training programs, mentoring, or networking,  there are numerous opportunities to diversify your skills and experience to meet your goals.   


Belonging is a basic human need.  At Organon, we see diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging critical in everything we do.  We make sure everyone has a voice and feels a sense of belonging.   

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What our Relaunchers are saying

Meet Edel, Specialist Shared Services Finance 

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Our mission 


We envision a better and healthier every day for every woman.

Our mission is to deliver impactful medicines and solutions for a healthier every day.

Our values

Our values are the foundation of our culture   

 Be real

We are authentic and transparent.

Own it

We drive accountability and empowerment with high integrity and ethical standards.

Rise together

We will collaborate and success as a team.

Keep moving

We will be entrepreneurial and resilient, lean into challenges and embrace change.

Bring your fire

We maintain passion for our purpose and what we do.

We all belong

We see diversity as critical to all
we do, making sure everyone has a voice and feels a sense of belonging.

We welcome you to Organon!
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We’re looking for entrepreneurial, passionate team players, curious innovators, forward thinkers, empowered by the idea of shaping their career and ready to bring their fire to embrace change and the opportunities it brings for progress.  If you love the idea of being a founder, by starting and helping to build something, we have a like mindset.  Together we can do amazing things!