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At Organon, not only are we committed to our goal of redefining women’s health, but we’re also equally committed to creating a culture of belonging. If you want to be a part of a company that aspires to revolutionize women’s health while continuing to build a culture where we all can be ourselves, look no further.

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What is it like working at Organon?

As a culture-first organization, Organon holds its values as a foundational part of its operations — and it will continue to do so into the future. It’s always been our view from the beginning that it’s a necessary but insufficient condition to articulate your values — what really matters is making sure that when people are experiencing processes like performance management, incentivization, and compensation that they reflect those values. At Organon, there are examples in every corner of the organization and all over our intranet about what our values mean to our Founders. Our values are lived."
Aaron Falcione
Chief Human Resources Officer
"At Organon, we place more emphasis on delivering value to the business, through a combination of cost savings, user experience, innovation and empowering.  That enables us to go beyond the traditional focus of a Procurement and Supplier Management Organization. What I like most about my team is that we have a diverse group whose capabilities and experiences are Pharma and non-Pharma,  including supply chain, business, procurement, engineering and operations enabling them to truly connect and understand the needs of our Organon founders. "
Lisa Zukauskas
Senior Vice President, Global Procurement & Supplier Management
"For me, Organon is all about 'Innovation'. Everyday we have an opportunity to be innovative and improve on what's not working to create a better experience for our Founders, Customers and Suppliers. Global Shared Services (GSS) is a unique organization and can vary by business. Our GSS organization was designed with the future in mind. GSS Lisbon offers a highly skilled workforce which we will leverage to help Organon transform and optimize processes to support to company's mission. New Founders are coming with fresh ideas and different experiences, which have already made an impact on our ways of working. "
Candace Dingmann
Vice President, Global Shared Services
"I love the entrepreneurial spirit at Organon. We move quickly, we work collaboratively and we have a broad scope of responsibility. This provides accelerated learning opportunities for all of us and is something I truly appreciate. I think our function is designed to connect effectively with others across the enterprise. This is one thing I appreciate but what motivates me most are the people. Our unique mix of talent makes Global Business Services a great place to be."
Cedric Grand-Pierre
Lead, Customer Experience & Engagement
Business Support functions teams at Organon

​​​​​​As part of our Business Support function team, your career could include:

Human Resources
Procurement & Supplier Management 
Customer Experience
& Engagement 
Global Shared Services
Office of Ethics and Compliance
Global Commercial Trade Channels

Global ​​​​​​Business Support opportunities

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